Entity Resolution for Elasticsearch

Zenful entity resolution

zentity is an Elasticsearch plugin for real-time entity resolution. It aims to be:

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Breaking change: There is a breaking change that affects all users upgrading to zentity-1.5.0 or later. Fields in the "_attributes" object of each document returned by the Resolution API are now arrays of values instead of single values. You will need to modify your client application to retrieve the first element of "hits"."hits"."_attributes" to achieve the same behavior as your prior version. This is a quick solution for the short term. However, keep in mind that it's now possible for an attribute of a document to have multiple values.

Select the plugin version that matches your version of Elasticsearch:

Quick start

Once you have installed Elasticsearch, you can install zentity from a remote URL or a local file.

  1. Browse the releases.
  2. Find a release that matches your version of Elasticsearch. Copy the name of the .zip file.
  3. Install the plugin using the elasticsearch-plugin script that comes with Elasticsearch.


elasticsearch-plugin install https://zentity.io/releases/zentity-1.5.1-elasticsearch-7.3.2.zip

Read the installation docs for more details.

Next steps

Read the documentation to learn about entity models, how to manage entity models, and how to resolve entities.

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